3 Tips To Lower Your Electricity Bill

Are you weary of witnessing your monthly electricity bill surge sky-high? Through a handful of uncomplicated shifts to your routines and abode, you have the potential to substantially diminish the amount you pay for your electricity, all while playing a part in fostering an eco-friendlier setting.

Heating and cooling your home can generate a substantial number on your utility bill each month, especially during the hot summer months. Without the knowledge of how to properly control the heating and cooling of your home, you could be missing out on saving a large sum of money with small simple changes. Our goal at Momentum AC Services Inc is to ensure that our clients live comfortably and affordably, which is why we are sharing these cost-cutting tips to help you lower your electricity bill.

Understand How Much Electricity Your Use

First, it is important to understand how much electricity you use. Take a look at your most recent billing statements to pinpoint the hours of highest energy consumption and the appliances that contribute significantly to it. Empowered with this understanding, you'll be better equipped to customize your energy-saving endeavours for optimal results.

1. Keep Up With Your Thermostat

A comfortable home is very much correlated to the temperature in which the thermostat is set on. In colder months, we highly recommend bumping the temperature down 5-10 degrees from the normal temperature of what you're used to.

In the warmer months, we recommend bumping the temperature up 5-10 degrees. If you’re used to a temperature of 70°F, make it a habit of lowering it down to 68°F in colder months and 74°F in warmer months. By making it a new habit, you're not only allowing your body to slowly get used to it but you are also saving around 10% on your electricity bill each month!

2. Get Energy Efficient Equipment

Getting energy efficient equipment is undoubtedly an investment. However, such investment can save you a LOT of money in the long run. If you’re considering investing in energy efficient equipment, then you've come to the right spot.

At Momentum AC, we consider every client’s home a unique situation which is why we are to provide top-notch service. Whether you need a new and updated air conditioning or a HVAC unit replacement, we will ensure that the new equipment we install in your home not only works to ensure a comfortable home but also helps reduce the monthly utility bills.

3. Check Your Air Filter Regularly

Air filters are used to catch pollutants like dust, allergens and other dirt circulating throughout our homes. Air ducts work to keep the air we breathe fresh and clean, as well as to keep our heating and cooling system running properly.

Properly working equipment is essential in creating an energy efficient environment that not only provides you a healthy environment but also saves you money on your monthly bill. When your system is working at optimum performance, it reduces the amount of work required. In turn, less energy is generated which will lower your electricity bill.

Saving Energy and Money with Smart Choices

Energy savings aren't the only benefit. By grasping the nuances of your energy consumption, embracing appliances designed for energy efficiency, practising prudent energy usage, and fortifying your home's insulation, you can tangibly diminish your monthly financial outlay while actively contributing to a greener, more sustainable planet.


We hope that we have helped give an idea to how you can properly manage your AC unit and ultimately lowering your electricity bills, Momentum AC is a trusted HVAC service provider in tampa. Give us a call at (877) 848-4822 and our professional staff will answer any questions or concerns that you might have.

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