5 Benefits Of Ductless Air Conditioners

Ductless air conditioners function by delivering cool air directly into individual rooms without the need for extensive ductwork. The system includes an outdoor condensing unit and one or more indoor air handlers linked together by refrigerant piping. This set-up is great for both commercial and home use because it can give exact, individualized cooling.

5 Advantages of Ductless Air Conditioners

Controlling the temperature of your home is an important part of your daily comfort, but your current air conditioning unit could be hurting more than helping. Outdated and inefficient units can leave you burning up in the upcoming warm summer months.

If you have decided to update your cooling system, you will be presented with a number of options, and you might be a little confused where to start. You want to make sure that you are fully informed on the varieties out there so you can find the option that is right for you.

1.Money Savings

Cooling your home throughout the hot summer months can put a major strain on your wallet, and instead of paying for an exciting vacation, you are watching dollars fly out the door. As utility prices rise year after year, your bills are rising with no end in sight.

One of the central factors for these charges is the inefficiency of your current unit. An updated ductless air conditioning system can help you greatly reduce your monthly payments. Because they use substantially less energy, your bills will drop dramatically, as it is reported that you could save 20-30 percent per month by switching to a ductless air conditioner.

2.Increased Comfort

Another benefit of a ductless air conditioner is the fact that you have full control over the placement and the number of the units in your home. You have the option to place them in any part of your home that you desire without having any sort of major reconstruction project.

As you probably already know, different portions of your home maintain different temperatures. While one room is mostly cold, another room can be consistently hot and humid. As a result, your home requires a more versatile AC system. With updated devices, you are able to control the temperature in any room of your home.

3.Satisfying Everyone’s Temperature Preferences

The temperature in your home is determined by a variety of different opinions of your family members. For example, you may want the temperature to be warmer and your significant other is insisting to turn it cooler. This can be extraordinarily problematic when your cooling unit requires that you change the temperature of your entire house.

Ductless air conditioners enable you to set the specific temperature for each room, which makes everyone happy, saving you from the disagreements that come from temperature discomfort.

4.Silent Operation

Old and outdated air conditioning units can be very noisy and even frustrating at times, distracting you from the ability to relax or work at home. They can also impede on your ability to sleep pleasantly, keeping you awake through the night every time they turn on and shut off.

However, because the major parts of a ductless air conditioner unit are placed on the exterior of your home, much of the operation is performed outside your living space where you don't have to hear a thing. You will not even realize that it is on while you enjoy your home space. 


Your cooling system is an important piece in ensuring the comfort of your home, and there are a lot of options to consider. Having a ductless air conditioner brings many benefits, not only to your home but to your overall comfort. If you wish to improve your AC unit by installing a ductless air conditioner, then Momentum AC Services Inc are the right guys for you. Give us a call at (877) 848-4822 to schedule a service appointment or to receive a free consultation.

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