7 Signs You Need Professional Ductwork Repair

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Ducts are air conditioning systems for heating and cooling homes. They distribute warm air throughout a building as well as cold drafts to keep us cool in the summer heat. A large portion of energy consumption goes into running these machines so if they're not working properly then our power bills will sky-rocket. 

AC duct repair can be tricky but if you notice these signs then it might be time for professional help:

7 Warning signs that your AC duct needs repair

Poor or limited airflow

A crack, tear, or broken seal in the ductwork of your HVAC unit can affect airflow. Lesser amounts of air are reaching affected vents before they're disconnected due to another obstruction like debris blocking it up entirely. Improperly designed systems with too few return/recirculation points also restrict this crucial process which is vital for proper ventilation. Once you notice your airflow slowing down, seek an expert for ductwork replacement.

Rattling from the Furnace Vents

You should note them when you start to hear noises, such as whistling, buzzing, popping, and banging sounds. It is best to get it checked out as soon as you can to prevent any further damage.

Foul Smell from the Vents

If your furnace or central air conditioning unit is making a nasty, musty smell, you're probably looking for experts in air conditioning duct repair. Mold and mildew grow whenever there’s excess moisture, so if you notice a foul smell from the vents when running your air conditioning or heating system then it may be because of poorly insulated ductwork. A buildup in the insulation can lead to condensation which causes not only an unpleasant smell but also respiratory issues as well other health problems, therefore, repairing air ducts should be done.

Irregular Temperature Fluctuation

Do you have issues in cooling your rooms such as frequent temperature fluctuations or hot/cold flashes? Then you might need to have air ducts checked. A dirty air filter will decrease the cooling efficiency or slow down the cooling performance of your ac. 


An air leak is a reason for uneven heating and cooling because not enough conditioned air is reaching every room. It can be due to debris that may have collected in ducts, blocking air flow, or there may be a hole, tear, or crack. Other causes may be loose joints, or a vent could be closed or blocked. Leaks can start without a problem, but when they get worse or stop working altogether, you need an HVAC duct repair service.

Extreme Humidity

Suppose the red smoke is accompanied by high humidity and low humidity. In that case, it may mean your entire home's heating and cooling system is experiencing some problems, such as repairing air ducts. A qualified professional will know exactly which parts of your system are working correctly and make recommendations for change or repair.

Molds and mildews

Visible mold is another sign you need ductwork repair or in severe cases a full ac duct replacement. Air contaminants such as mold and mildews are hard to deal with especially when they already penetrate into your ductwork. Symptoms like this require immediate attention for it might lead to several health problems such as allergies, asthma, or worst. Let the ductwork technician identify the type of mold and how difficult the situation is to provide the best solution.

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