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Steps in Replacing AC Drain Pan

Although we may take it for granted, an air conditioner is one of the most important things in our homes. An AC system cools a house by absorbing the warm air through the drain pan before redistributing the air in the house. Due to its functionalities, condensation of drain pans occurs often with air conditioners. When this happens, you should not panic because replacing an AC drain pan is easy when following the right guide. There are, however, some cases that may require you to hire the service of a professional drain pan hvac contractor. After helping hundreds of clients replace their replace ac drain line, our ac drain pan replacement experts at Momentum AC are not only experienced but replacing drain pans for ac units is one of their favorite tasks. Before you decide to work with a professional ac drain pan replacement expert, you should assess their credentials to ensure they posse the required skills.

Here is a guide to easily replace ac drain line.

1. Disconnect the AC from power

Although this may seem straightforward, some people may forget to unplug their AC from power. You should never attempt to open an air conditioner when it is still connected to the power source. This will help you to avoid causing more damage to your AC and more importantly eliminate the risk of electrocution while attempting to replace ac drain line.

2. Open the front panel of the AC

The easiest way to remove the front panel of an AC system is to use your hands. You should however be prepared with some common tools like a screwdriver in case pulling the panels out with your hands proves difficult.

3. Unscrew the drain Pan

To properly inspect the drain pan, you should remove the screws that fasten the pan to the drain tube using a screwdriver. Remove the drain pan by pushing it toward the inside of the AC. After removing the drain pans for ac units, you should inspect it carefully to ascertain that it is the defective portion of your air conditioner before replacing it.

4. Install the new drain pan

This is the most important and easiest step of this process. You easily install the new drain pan by sliding it into the AC. You should ensure that the drain pan is securely attached to the drainpipe, drain tube, and drain port using screws.

5. Consider Hiring a Professional drain pan hvac contractor

If you experience any challenges while replacing drain pans for ac units, you should always contact a professional ac drain pan replacement contractor. Also, make sure that your air conditioning system is assessed regularly by a reputable drain pan hvac contractor to allow earlier and easier detection of the drain pan condensation.



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