AC Unit Attic Installation Tampa

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Goodman AC Unit Attic Installation Tampa

Ac installation can be challenging sometimes especially if you have a narrow space at home. Therefore, the installation of new HVAC unit should be thought thoroughly.
At Momentum AC, we understand you want the best performance from your HVAC system throughout the year. As an expert in AC Repair and Installation in Tampa Florida, we can give you the best tips when it comes to attic installation and HVAC services. As well as quality brands such as Goodman unit. One thing that we can recommend is to put the AC in attic. Because when placed outdoors, an HVAC unit needs some protection from the sun and problematic weather conditions. Other reasons for placing your AC in attic are as follows:

Use Less Space when AC is Place in Attic

Whether you are moving into a newly-built property or looking for AC replacement, the attic is a convenient space to use. The benefit of placing an AC unit in attic spaces is that you will not be using the living space up with heavy equipment. Closet space in most homes is finite, with the ability to place an HVAC system in an attic making good use of the available space.
Although you will be using less space, there are some drawbacks to positions an Air Conditioner unit in the attic. Use may save space in your home, but you may strike a damaging leak that goes undetected. Your attic space may not be the perfect place for AC replacement because the air is usually not conditioned. This means any leak will keep your AC unit in attic running constantly and driving up your utility bills.

Lower Costs with an Attic HVAC System

Positioning your HVAC system in the attic will have several benefits for your property. Among these are the lower costs associated with an AC replacement in the attic. If your AC unit is positioned in the attic, cool and hot air can be pumped through ducts run directly through your attic space without being hidden. If an HVAC unit is positioned in a closet, your installation costs will be higher when our technicians need to hide ductwork behind walls.

Protection From The Elements

In Florida, we are always living in fear of hurricane season. The flooding associated with hurricanes and extreme weather has the potential to damage your HVAC equipment. Positioning an HV unit in attic spaces changes the risks associated with flooding. An HVAC system that is upstairs in an attic space will need to undergo extreme flooding to be damaged.

Fears Associated With Attic Air Conditioners

Despite the obvious benefits of positioning an HVAC unit in attic spaces, there are some concerns to consider. Homeowners fear they will not be able to identify leaks and problems with their system. Blocked drains are a problem many fear if their AC unit in attic is out of sight.


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