Attic Installation Horizontal Flow Air Handler

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Momentum AC is a top-rated and most trusted company when it comes to anything about HVAC services. In this blog, we will discuss our previous projects which is the installation of a horizontal flow air handler in the attic.

Horizontal Flow Air Handler Installation in Attic 

In an effort to save space and money, many homeowners are opting for a horizontal air handler. However, they can be installed on any level in a home as long as there is access from below to place the unit under the slab or ground. A horizontal air handler is usually set inside the home and operates with both the heating and cooling system of your HVAC. One quick glance at an air handler, and you might confuse it with a horizontal furnace.

A horizontal flow furnace simply refers to a type of HVAC system which designates the direction that airflow comes out. Horizontal flow air handler is designed to be positioned on its side and circulate the warm air in one end while exhausting it out of another. Opposite to vertical flow air handler these units are less energy-efficient and are primarily used in homes with limited space that doesn’t allow a vertical installation such as the attic, basement, or crawlspace of a home.

Pros Of Having Air Handler Unit in Attic

1. Installing an air handler unit in the attic is a great way to save space. It's also much more efficient than running ducts from below floor level and can help you regulate temperature better as well.

2. Installing an air conditioner in your attic is the fastest, easiest way to cool off a higher level of your house.

3. Installing an air handler unit in your attic will help cool your home more evenly without the unit working hard thus reducing energy bills.

Cons Of Having Air Handler Unit in Attic

Air conditioners are an easy way to keep your home cool, but installing one in the attic can be tricky. The higher up you go with this type of system there is less airflow which means it takes longer for them to produce enough refrigerant cooling mist through coils on top. The possibility of having undetected problems is high.

Hire a Professional to Install Your Air Handler

We know that hiring a professional to install your air handler can be expensive, but it’s worth the investment. If you don’t have one installed by a qualified technician and something goes wrong with your system down the line, it will cost you more money in repairs or replacements than if you had just hired someone upfront. Let our team of professionals take care of installing your new air conditioner for you today! Contact us today to schedule an appointment; we serve customers throughout the Tampa area.


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