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Installation of main trunk line and air duct work for HVAC  

It might seem intimidating at first to consider a major project such as installing air duct work for a new HVAC system, but in truth, most HVAC systems consist of only a few categories of components. If you are looking for professional ductwork installation, from simple replacement of existing ductwork or the installation of a complete trunk and branch duct system, Momentum AC Services Inc. are the experts you will need. Before you begin the project, however, it is important to understand the nature of ductwork installation and the installation of a trunk and branch duct system.

What is a main trunk line in a duct system?

An HVAC trunk line is the main line of ductwork that acts as the central distribution conduit for the entire HVAC system. It attaches directly to the structure known as the plenum, which is the central controlling chamber for the conditioned air. Typically an HVAC trunk line runs in the attic, although some have been installed in basements, depending upon the structure of the house. From there, duct work extends in several directions throughout the house. Similar to AC unit attic installation hanging duct systems from the HVAC trunk line is not something that should be attempted by a non-professional.

Different Types of Duct Systems

It is equally important to understand the different types of duct work, what is required in that particular kind of ductwork installation, and how hanging duct systems in this fashion should be attempted.

Flexible ductwork is tube-shaped and made of a wire coil. They are flexible and surrounded by insulation, and usually placed in areas where it is difficult to navigate.

Rigid duct work comes in a variety of sizes, shapes, and can be used in a variety of locations, but they are usually made of sheet metal, fiberglass or fiberboard and are not meant to be bent or flexible.

Semi-rigid ducts have the benefits of both rigidity and flexibility in hard-to-reach areas and are excellent for maintaining system pressure.

How do you install ductwork?

Any HVAC ducting installation should be done by an experienced professional, as a hanging duct for a trunk and branch duct system can be a complicated process and must be done correctly. The process involves planning out where the duct work will go, ensuring you have the proper tools, installing the plenum, installing the trunk and branch duct system, and making use of the proper materials for the project.

As we can see, ductwork installation is a major home project, and HVAC ducting installation should only be attempted by professionals. Momentum AC Services Inc. has years of experience and gain lots of positive feedbacks in HVAC ducting installation, and is ready to serve the whole Tampa for all of your HVAC installation needs.




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