Finding AC Leak UV Leak Testing in Tampa

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Testing For AC Leak/UV Leak Services In Tampa

If you’ve noticed your AC is not working sufficiently, maybe even blowing hot air, it might be time to recharge your system. Momentum AC Services Inc. is specialist in air conditioning maintenance, and we can help you with your AC repair needs. To begin with, AC leak testing should always be done by professionals, for while you can purchase AC UV dye for testing your own system at Walmart or repair stores, remember that an AC refrigerant leak involves Freon, which is a toxic substance if ingested, and should be carefully handled, especially around children or pets. If you are using AC leak dye to attempt AC leak testing on your own, remember to carefully follow the instructions for the use and disposal of materials.

Using AC dye for leak testing

Momentum AC Services Inc. professionals have been conducting AC leak testing for years, and we know how it is properly done. If you suspect that you have an AC refrigerant leak in your unit, there are several steps we will take to determine where the leak is in the system. The AC leak dye works by entering the system to break down the Freon refrigerant. This dye is reflective to UV light, and thus when a black light is shined into the system, the UV dye for AC illuminates the areas where leaks are occurring. Once the leak is identified, it can be repaired using a sealant.

How long the dye stays in the system

Naturally, there might be concerns about the safety of AC UV dye in a system that circulates air you will be breathing. Please note that UV dye for AC can actually remain in the system indefinitely without concern towards damage of the components or health safety to the building occupants. Most leak detection dyes have a shelf life of around five years. If you have concerns about this aspect of leak detection, please discuss them with the ac technician. We are happy to answer your questions.

Recharging the Freon

Once your unit has been repaired of all leaks, likely it will be necessary to recharge the unit with the Freon refrigerant, bringing it up to pre-leak levels. The AC leak dye used by the technician might also end up dissolving what refrigerant is left in the system, requiring topping off. One can purchase refrigerant with Freon dye mixed in to allow for monitoring the system for further leaks. Freon is typically colorless and odorless, though it might take on a yellow tint with dye as a component.


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