Hard Start Kit Installation in Tampa

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The most common repair problem for air conditioners is hard starting. Because of aging and wear and tear, the compressor will struggle to turn on at the beginning of the cooling cycle and you may also notice that the cold air is not coming. You may also hear some clicking or grinding noises coming from the outdoor cabinet. Hard starting is bad for your engine and can lead to more expensive bills. If you notice that this issue has been occurring more often, it is better to call an HVAC service expert to give a solution.

What is a hard start kit?

Your home's central air conditioning system is operated by an electric motor, which starts up when you turn it on. But it takes four to eight times more current than what’s required for operation and this excess heat can be damaging to your central air conditioning system compressor. Hard-start kits are a great way to give your AC compressors an extra boost when they first startup. 

An air conditioner hard start kit is a device that helps an AC unit start up more easily. It does this by providing an extra burst of power to the compressor, which can help overcome any resistance and get the cooling process going. If your AC unit seems to be struggling to get started, or you're noticing higher than normal energy bills, it might be time to consider a hard start kit repair. Momentum AC can install your hard start kit efficiently as well as provide a wide range of AC services for needs.

Why should I install a hard start kit?

Hard start kits are a great way to make sure your AC starts smoothly and quickly, which reduces damage done by starting it too firmly. It also helps preserve the life of your cooling system!

Compressors can have problems starting due to low voltage, high head pressure, or a combination of these problems. A hard-start kit can improve your AC unit's startup time by up to 30 percent. Hard-start kits can help your compressor run more efficiently.

Hard start kits work by storing electricity ahead of time. The extra energy is then available when the AC unit is ready to run. This is important for several reasons. It helps the unit start quickly and prevents the lights from dimming. It also improves the quality of power throughout the house. They can save an air conditioner by assisting a non-starting. It can increase also increase the lifespan of your AC's compressor.

If your AC's compressor breaks down, you will be forced to replace it. An AC compressor will usually cost you more money than a hard-start kit. Thus it is advisable to invest in a compressor hard start kit to save money in the long run.

Need a start kit for your AC or heat pump?

If you’re looking for the best hard start kits, look no further than Momentum AC. We have all of the parts and tools to help get your system up and running again in no time! Our team is available 24/7 to answer any questions that may arise.

Whether your AC is new or old, hard start kit installation is a must for all homeowners in the Tampa area and surrounding neighborhoods such as Terminal Blvd #221 Clearwater and Race Track Rd Tampa. Installing a new one can add capacity and efficiency to your AC unit. Momentum AC has a team of professionals that can help you out with installing an AC hard start kit as well as replacing the condenser fan motor and capacitor. They'll be able to tell which size and type will work best for your system, as well as identify any problems before they become worse so getting this done professionally is always recommended! 



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