AC Services

Momentum AC professionals are highly trained to assist in any type of AC service in Tampa,FL. Noticing your air conditioner isn’t running as efficiently as possible? You’re left in a muggy rut when your AC breaks down in the Tampa heat. Don’t succumb to the warmth and let our professionals help you with all your air conditioning needs. Our comprehensive team specializes in AC repairs that will make you forget about your problems. Notice your AC bill is rising? This can sometimes be from dirty coils which can drive up energy bill costs and cause your unit to not run as efficiently. Cleaning AC coils does help improve the life of your HVAC unit, save money on your bill, and prevent mold growth. Our trained professionals will be able to effectively do AC coil cleaning services that will make your unit run like new again. Need AC installation? We can do that too. Our AC unit installation costs nothing for you with our free in-home estimate. Our experts will give you a transparent rundown of everything you need to know about your install. Check out some of our great deals under coupons to score a great deal on our AC-tune up service and a free service call for every repair. We’re available for all your AC needs.o.

Air Conditioning Repair

In any case of a broken AC and in need of an AC to be repaired, Momentum AC professional technician are prepared to address all kinds of repair needed to be done. No matter what problem you stumble upon with your AC, you can always call Momentum AC at any time of day and you will be ensured that a skilled technician will be at your door to fix your problem.o.

AC Unit Installation

When installing an AC unit in a property, we first must make sure we install the correct unit for the AC, with that, Momentum AC provides a free evaluation in advance for a successful and prepared installation. Our excellent service will ensure fully functional AC for a long lasting use.

AC Coil Cleaning Service

For a better, more smooth and energy efficient air conditioning system, Momentum AC professionals assist in coil cleaning service. With this type of service, your air conditioning gains a better as more efficient use as well as a proper maintenance to allow you to minimize the benefits of your AC unit.