Your Air Conditioning Maintenance Tips

In some parts of the country, air conditioning may seem optional, but in Tampa Florida, home of Momentum AC Services Inc, only January, February, and March are months you can possibly live without an air conditioner, and even then, most people pretty much run an air conditioner all year long.

As a result, regular air conditioning maintenance is critical for those who live in the Tampa vicinity have Momentum AC Services on speed dial in their home.

So what are the advantages of regular Tampa air conditioning maintenance?

Essential for health

According to the Tampa Bay Times, the city of Tampa has the highest percentage of seniors in the nation, with 18.7 percent, (literally just under one in five residents) being 65 and older.

And not stressing their heart is essential for many. So for the elderly in particular, as well as anyone in the family that is in less than perfect health, air conditioning maintenance is essential.

Cleaning the air you breathe

It's a little known fact that quite often, the air you breathe in your home is much dirtier than the outside air.

According to the Environmental Protection Agency, the air in your home can be 2 to 5 times or even higher for those pollutants that you experience outdoors.

The use of HEPA filters in air conditioners significantly cleans the air inside your house, primarily through forcing the air through a fine mesh, but the plain fact is people change their air conditioning filters far less than ideal.

While 90 days is about the max that you can get away with, most air conditioning pros recommend changing the filter every 45 days.

Naturally, changing your air conditioner's filter is a part of our air conditioning maintenance service.

Maintaining your air conditioner to last as long as possible.

Air conditioners, for how long they last, typically 15 to 20 years do a fantastic job and being able to keep your home cool at the flick of your thermostat. If you replace or buy new a central air conditioning unit, it will likely be under warranty for 12 to 15 years. That's the good news about Air Conditioners. Manufacturers have confidence in them, and so they will be warranted against defects. However, if you look at any AC warranty, you will find that not having routine air conditioning maintenance comes under the heading of negligence.

Naturally, if your air conditioning warranty has expired for some reason and your air conditioner goes on the fritz, we offer AC repair services. In fact, our technicians are some of the best trained in the business. But home AC repair is often expensive. Typical Home Advisor type sites reveal you should expect a minimum of around $300, up to $600 or more.

And while we will gladly perform air conditioning repair on any home or small business in Tampa, we are in the service business, so trust us that having your ac maintained and serviced routinely will save you big money in the end. In addition, when the heat is sweltering we naturally get many requests for repair service and the plain fact is that during a heatwave you may have to wait a day or two until we can get to you.

Don't be that homeowner. Keep your AC in tip-top shape as long as possible.

Save money on electric bills

Naturally, when the heat is the highest and the humidity is excessive, Tampa residents will not only run their air conditioner more, but as expected, their electricity bills will go up as well.

But an air conditioner is not a static item of technology. Two identical air conditioning units, operating only 30 feet apart from one another, may yield significantly different results in electrical consumption.

If the AC refrigerant is low, one air filter is being run vastly beyond its expiration date, and there may be significant duct leaks in one of the houses, then naturally they can expect sky-high electrical bills.

Call Momentum AC to have our technicians evaluate why your air conditioning bills are so high.

In some cases, just adding a little refrigerant and fixing a duct leak can lead to a significant lowering of your electrical bills.

Call Momentum AC services as soon as you have any problem with your air conditioner, and have your AC serviced.

While most professional services recommend once or twice per year if you use your air conditioner every single day and it's essential to your family's home, consider adding a third service to your maintenance schedule for a trouble-free, cool environment.

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