Monthly Membership Plan

19.99 Monthly

Check thermostat — Improperly calibrated thermostat affects comfort and operating costs.

Start unit — Verify unit is operational before tune-up takes place.

Check return air filter — A restricted filter causes unit to waste energy.

Basic cleaning of evaporator coil — A dirty evaporator coil decreases efficiency and can lead to compressor failure.

Check condensate pan and fittings for leaks — A cracked pan or loose fittings can cause expensive water damage.

Check condensate drain — A plugged condensate drain can cause expensive water damage.

Check blower motor amp draw — Ensures optimum performance; protects equipment.

Check blower wheel — A dirty blower wheel reduces airflow; increases operating costs and can lead to compressor failure.

Check blower motor stability — Unstable blower motors can cause premature failure of the motor and damage to the system.

Lube motors & bearings — Improperly lubricated rotating equipment will eventually fail.

Check belt, pulleys, and alignment — Avoids costly service calls, saves money on utility costs.

Examine all electrical connections — Extends life of system; ensures safety.

Check total electrical consumption — Ensures optimum performance; protects equipment.

Check unit disconnect switch — Worn, overheated disconnect blows fuses; potentially dangerous.

Examine parts for visible wear — Avoids costly service calls.

Check temperature difference across coil — Temperature difference can indicate proper cooling of system. Also affects comfort level.

Remove debris around outside unit — Promotes efficiency. Prevents damage to equipment.

Routine cleaning of condenser coil — Dirty condenser coils raise refrigerant pressures increasing electrical costs.

Check condenser fan motor amp draw — Ensures optimum performance; protects equipment.

Check condenser fan motor stability — Prevents costly service calls.

Check condenser fan blades for vibration — Prevents damage to unit and costly service calls.

Check crankcase heater — Crankcase heaters that do not work lead to compressor failure.

Check reversing valve — Improperly operating reversing valve wastes energy.

Check relays & contactors — Worn contactors and loose connections can lead to motor and compressor failure.

Check capacitors — Bad capacitors lead to compressor and motor failure.

Test time delay — Prevents unit from starting under load when power has been temporarily interrupted.

Check defrost assembly — A defrost timer that does not work correctly causes loss of heat and can shorten the life of compressor.

Check all controls — Extends the life, saves money, and prevents failure.

Check all safety devices — Keeps unit in safe operating condition.

Measure operating pressures with gauges — Improper refrigerant charge can reduce cooling capacity and efficiency.

Test refrigeration metering device — Blockage or improper operations of metering device reduces cooling capacity, increases fuel costs, and shortens system life.

Check compressor amp draw — Ensures optimum performance, protects equipment.

Check noise and vibration levels — Increases comfort & extends life of equipment.

Check and secure all panels — New systems have a blower door safety and will not operate if door is not properly in place.

Record System operation — For Homeowner’s information and records.

Make final operations test — To ensure system operation.

Explanation of tune-up results — Explanation of work performed in tune-up and results.

Advise improvements as needed — To allow you to gauge effectiveness, efficiency, and potential need for repair or replacement.

Conclude Transaction — Answer questions, collect for work performed, signature(s) on invoice, leave customer copy of tune-up, make appointment for any additional work required.

*Heat Pump Only

If feasible and where accessible this at the discretion of the technician most evaporator coils need to be
full cleaned at a member rate of $180.00 this member is a basic cleaning with hose and not tearing the unit down.

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