Replacement of Condenser Fan Motor and Capacitor in Tampa

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Momentum AC Services Inc offers the solutions for all of your HVAC needs, servicing HVAC condenser fan motor, capacitor for ac, ductwork, air handlers, and more! The specialists at Momentum AC have decades of experience between them, servicing every carrier, from package units to mini-splits.

In the following section we will be discussing how to replace the condenser fan motor and 45/5 capacitor. This is as important as AC drain pan replacement for your AC unit to work efficiently, so you should know how to do this.

Identifying Condenser Fan Motor Issues

Staying comfortable inside your home or business is crucial; without proper care of your HVAC system, it’s likely, you won’t. Many things can go wrong with your HVAC system. Several problems might arise in your ac condenser fan motor, or even the capacitor for ac.

What does a condenser fan motor do?

The condenser fan motor plays an important role in how well your HVAC system works and can be found within the condensing unit. Its purpose is to transfer heat from refrigerant into outdoor air which keeps that compressor cool! If overheated by too much heat it could lead either way - repair or even replacement of the entire machine.

7 Signs that your condenser fan motor is bad

  • AC fan motor will not come on, even if the unit is on or not stopping when AC unit is off
  • AC condenser fans rotate slower than usual
  • AC turns off on its own
  • AC Runs Intermittently
  • Unusual similar to rattling, humming and buzzing noises
  • Burning smell
  • No cold is coming out from the AC condenser fan

Use of AC capacitor

An AC capacitor is what turns your air conditioner on and keeps it running during every cooling cycle. The AC capacitor delivers an initial burst of energy to start up the system in hot weather, but then continues supplying power with continuous electricity until you're ready for another session.

Having a bad air conditioning capacitor is a minor issue if you know what you’re identifying. Without the proper expertise, you might end up installing a 75/5 air conditioning capacitor instead of a 45/5 capacitor. Using a 75/5, when needing a 45/5 capacitor, will result in your HVAC condenser fan motor have an uneven magnetic field. Without the proper magnetism, the ac condenser fans might become loud and overworked, resulting in the ac condenser fan motor becoming overheated.

It is always a good idea to replace the capacitor and the condenser fan motor on an AC unit once the initial problem arise. This will help keep your system running longer, more efficiently and save you money in the long run. If you are not sure about how to do this yourself, contact us! We offer free estimates and we'll even come out to your house for no charge. See our good reviews for your reference.

If you’ve noticed your air conditioner is not putting out any cold air, you may have a broken blower motor. Our professionals in replacing HVAC condenser fan motor or 45/5 capacitor for AC will served you wherever you are in Tampa.


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