Replacement of Disconnect Box in Tampa

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The National Electrical Code requires that all HVAC systems have a readily accessible method for disconnecting from electrical power. In most cases, this is done through an easily removable switch or disconnect switch which can be found in your home's circuit box and allows you to remove every trace of energy flowing into the device. The pull-out disconnect switch is an important safety device that allows technicians to work on high voltage appliances without having access to the circuit breaker. This is important because it prevents electrical issues when making repairs to your HVAC system. When you hire Momentum AC Services, we will ensure that your replacement of the disconnect box is installed and performing properly. 

What Is an AC Disconnect Switch?

An AC disconnect, also called an air conditioner switch or fuse box, protects the wires of an ac unit from weather and other outdoor elements. It is commonly found outside with the end of the air conditioner showing inside the house. An AC disconnect switch is not intended for use by the general public and is not meant to turn on and off your HVAC system during normal operation, but rather as a last resort for when repairs are needed or maintenance is done by qualified HVAC technicians in Tampa. One of the importance of an external disconnect box is that you can quickly and conveniently manage regular repairs as well as streamline maintenance for your air conditioning system. A disconnect box will add protection to you and to your service technician from any power surges. The AC disconnect switch is an important safety feature that makes it easy for your technician to know when power has been cut off from the air conditioning before they will start to repair your system. If you don't already have an AC disconnect switch, our expert and trusted technician can often install an AC disconnect switch for you to ensure the highest degree of safety.  Before the installation of the ac disconnect pull-out replacement, the power will be cut off. By having the power disconnected, the repairs can be managed easily making the maintenance a smooth affair from start to finish. As maintenance is being conducted, the technician will ensure that all ac disconnect wiring is properly connected and not exposed within the external disconnect box. With the box, it can also be referred to as the air conditioner disconnect pull out. Besides manually disconnecting the AC, with a safety switch on your air conditioning unit, you can stop power from being cut immediately when there are emergency situations. The AC's circuit breaker works together with the safety switch whenever the circuit´s current is too high.  Momentum AC is here to help you replace your AC disconnect box! We know it can be a daunting task, but with our help, it can be a breeze. We have all the parts and tools you need to get the job done right, and we're always available to answer any questions you may have. We also offer other HVAC services, such as heating, quality air cleaning, maintenance and more. So don't wait any longer, call Momentum AC today and let us help you replace your ac disconnect box! Browse our portfolio for our complete list of projects.


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